5 High Paying Jobs in Hospitality Today

Hospitality is an industry that contains considerable range of job roles and wages. A career in hospitality is not only rewarding in terms of rich professional and personal experiences but also in terms of wages.

If you hold the view that hospitality jobs don’t pay well, let us change your mind by sharing 5 of the many lucrative jobs in the industry today.

1.  Chefs

Considering the amount of creativity and skill set required, it comes as no surprise that being a chef is one of the highest paid jobs in the hospitality industry. Besides having knowledge of the culinary arts, you are expected to also have the ability to lead and perform under pressure. Depending on the level of the eatery, a chef is supposed to not just make good food but deliver sophisticated and unique experiences. This means taking risks and innovating. Due to these reasons, some chefs gain prominence and celebrity status. Success in this position can also open doors for starting your own restaurant or business. Chefs are known to make over £ 90,000 in yearly pay.

2.  Event Coordinators

This position involves managing events like weddings, professional dinners and live shows. You would be responsible for making sure that the events go as planned. This is easier said than done and that is why the position’s remuneration is high. As part of your job, you may be expected to travel to different locations. If you are good at coming up with creative solutions spontaneously, this job can be a good fit for you. Like the other jobs in the hospitality industry, this one also involves managing people and hence your interpersonal skills need to be strong. If you have a passion for bringing joy through experiences, this can be a lucrative career path for you. Event Coordinators can earn from £30,000 to £40,000 per year.

3.  Hotel Managers

If you are a responsible person who seeks the challenge of supervising connected functions then you should look into managerial positions in hotels and resorts. You would be expected to manage daily operations of a particul

ar function like front desk or housekeeping. Due to the nature of the service industry, you will have to manage people and this means that you should possess high emotional intelligence and quick wits. The job is challenging but offers high professional growth and monetary rewards. To build a career in hotel management, earn a management degree and join a hotel from a junior position. This will allow you to learn on the job and move up to the top with promotions.  Hotel Managers’ yearly remuneration runs approximately around £ 80,000.

4.  Housekeeping Supervisors

Housekeeping is one of the most essential functions in the hospitality business. It’s needed in hotels, resorts, cruises, hospitals and aviation. Being part of the basic attendant crew may not be rewarding but as one progresses to positions with higher responsibilities like Head of Housekeeping, remuneration also soar. Due to the necessity of the function, you will be expected to lead and maintain the quality standards the business you work for expects to deliver to its customers. Housekeeping supervisors make up to £30,000 in yearly wages.

5.  Crew Member

If you love travel and are good people, then a career in the skies or on a cruise might be an ideal career for you. There are many perks to this job. You will get an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. Each trip will be an opportunity to meet new, interesting people – whether among passengers or the cabin crew you are working with. In return, you will have to deliver on the promise of your employer to customers will embodying that employer’s values. You will be the face of your company and equally responsible for both good and bad outcomes.  This is the reason why this highly competitive job pays handsomely. Cabin crew members earn £20,000 to £25,000 in a year.

We hope that after learning about these jobs, you will consider choosing a hospitality career.


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