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Few people understand what it takes to work in a professional kitchen. The hours, commitment, and passion required to be part of a tight knit team; that every kitchen is different and picking the right candidate for a team is vital to making sure service runs smoothly. Whether it is front of house or in
the kitchen.

Boasting decades of experience, not as recruitment consultants but as chefs, Purple Carrot know what it takes. Just like getting the balance right in a meal, we understand how important it is to match the right person to the right role. From commis chef through to general managers, we know
from personal experience what is required on every level.

Just as a skilled chef builds relationships with trusted suppliers, ensuring they get the best from theirproduce, at Purple Carrot we know that recruitment is about people. Our success is built on investing in relationships and doing it the right way. Going beyond phone calls and e-mails, taking the time to attend forums, being active members of professional groups and social media. Getting to know clients and candidates on a personal level; supporting and nurturing the relationships we establish.

It is a philosophy that underpins everything we do and allows us to successfully cater to the needs of both clients and candidates, in the best way possible.

From school dining room to the pressures of Michelin starred service. Whether it is a short placement or permanent contract. We know what it takes and how to match the right candidate to the right client.

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