Ash Saman -Purple carrots Featured Chef


Chef Ash Saman

After a busy summer of freelance chef work and the success of his pop-up in early 2017,  he is planning another before the end of the year! I managed to catch up with this busy bee and put a few questions to him;

Describe your food: I have a modern and innovative style when it comes to flavour combination and presentation. In terms of preparation I use a fusion of classical and contemporary techniques.

First job/ inspiration: I started off as a kitchen porter in Hamburg/ Germany out of necessity, about 9 years ago. I quickly became inspired by the chefs around me. Their passion and creativity paired with the way in which they created experiences through food for their customers sparked a passion I didn’t originally know was there.

Favourite book: Alinea by Grant Achatz

The story of Grant Achatz is very inspiring and his restaurant a destination for any die-hard foodie.  

Ketchup or hp: ketchup

What are you working on: A new dish I’m working on is in fact a dessert; Soy parfait with caramelised banana, macadamia nuts and fried soy skin


Celebrity diner: Most famous person I cooked for was Russell Howard at the Glassboat in Bristol.

Favourite thing to do when not cooking: On my days off I do activities with my kids/ anything fun and energetic and spending time around loved ones.

Best culinary tip: Crystals (salt, sugar, etc.) don’t dissolve in fat, meaning that you should season the base ingredients of your fat based sauces/ dressings to ensure maximum flavour pay off.

Future plans: I am planning a number of pop ups in Bristol & Bath in a few months time. I’ll be serving multi course tasting menus in quirky and informal venues similar to my previous pop up at the Yurt Lush in Bristol. I served a 7 course tasting menu cooking for great people from the hospitality industry eg. Josh Eggleton (Pony & trap), Alex betts (Chequers, Bath), Lianne Cooper (Chequers, Bath), Rob Howell (Root, Bristol) and many more.

Keep an eye on my Instagram page 

@chefashsaman for updates on food development and news!