Food Safety courses for Chefs

Recently I was asked by a good chef friend of mine to assist him with a food safety level 3 course. His previous one is about to expire and he wanted to update.

I recommend to candidates and clients Everly training and or High-speed training as I myself have completed these courses over the years and recently. I have found both of these companies very good.

Value for money

A level two course with Eversley is £15.00 and £20.00 with High speed. Which, to cover yourself and train and invest in your staff, is peanuts compared to the consequences. Both are easy to pay and to do online, pay and get onto the course immediately. If you’re a company with multiple employees, you are also able to bulk buy.


All course content is easy to view and delivered at a pace to suit you with voice over to read out. The course content includes sketches, videos, and pictures to aid in the retention of the information being delivered. The test is also easy to navigate, skip questions, back and forth, take your time to complete and is approx 30 questions with an 80% or higher score needed to pass. At the successful completion of the course, you will receive an email with your certificate and also have a laminated hard copy sent to you in the mail, which for me I received within 3 working days. These certificates are recognized by the EHO.


Everley Training do level 2 Food Hygiene and Level 3 Food Hygiene and High-speed training do these as well as a whole host of online courses, which include not only hospitality but in other industries if you wanted to inquire and checkout.
Being a freelance chef, maybe you may also want to have a certificate in Allergen awareness and or COSHH/ HACCP. Having these certificates in your arsenal, not only make you attractive to hiring from a potential employers perspective. but also updates your training, and gives you pride in your work.


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DISCLAIMER: This blog is only based on personal experience and I have no affiliation with either company and I have or will not receive any compensation.