Get a Job in the Hospitality Industry with a few CV Tips

As every hospitality business receives hundreds of CV’s on a regular basis, it is vital that you can catch and hold the attention of your recruiters. During the first stage of recruitment, having a great CV  (Curriculum vitae ) will make you look like a good candidate.

Even if you have great people skills, the recruiter won’t know unless the recruiter finds you worthy of taking the interview. Here are some tips which will make your CV shine, increasing the chances of landing your dream hospitality job:

Little or no experiance

If you are just starting out and you’re going to catering college,if you do any work experience or have an opportunity to work a special dinner with a guest chef. Make sure it’s on your CV and explained. Include what you did, what you liked…goals achieved and what you would like to do in the future.

Some of these new cooking schools work with top chefs and hospitality leaders in the industry, they hold these  little dinners and demos or events. When you get involved, they are little nuggets of experience that can make you stand out from the rest.  School such as HIT Training or School of food based here in Bristol are a couple of examples of companies leading the way in this training.

Determine and utilise keywords

These days as hiring managers and recruiters have a lot on their hands; they use technology to streamline the process. It is quite common for businesses to use applicant tracking software, as it saves them tremendous amounts of time. The software will go through numerous resumes by scanning for keywords.

Due to this, you should add keywords to your resume, so that your CV gets shortlisted. One way to know which keywords to use is to go through the job listing. For instance, if the business asks for a specific skill, you can add it to your resume.

If you are a Head Chef and you have experience at a “3 Rosette” level, and you also have “Pastry Chef” experience  make sure this stands out in your CV.

Don’t forget to showcase your dedication to exceptional customer service

As the hospitality business needs exceptional customer service to survive in this competitive industry. They expect the same from their employees. A large number of employers conduct surveys for customer satisfaction.This helps to improve their service. If you got any of these scores from your previous internships or jobs, make sure to note them down.

Furthermore,  if you have gotten feedback or positive comments from your guests in the past, include them in your resume. These testimonials carry a lot of weight, increasing the chances of your resume getting shortlisted. Or even testamonials on your employers website ,facebook company page or tripadvisor. 

Make your objective clear

Most of the time, people looking to work in the hospitality industry will try to keep their CVs generic, so that they have the freedom to apply for a variety of jobs in the same business. However, this isn’t a great strategy as it won’t make your resume look different.

Instead, you should make your objective as clear as possible. For instance, you can say that you are targeting the position of valet supervisor in the company rather than saying you want a post which is challenging.

Qualifications and skills should be relevant to the job

It is quite common for people seeking hospitality jobs to list out all their qualifications and skills, as they think it increases the chances of getting picked from the lot. Make sure Job qualifications stand out and or on top. Other qualifications for instance coaching certificates and first aid etc from coaching a Sunday football league are good and support your CV. Every workplace can benefit from first aider and coaching can help you be a leader/ team player in the work place especially if it’s in hospitality. The kitchen and or front of house is all about team work !

Make sure that you summarise these qualifications and skills, as it shows the recruiter you understand the job demands and you have the potential to fulfil these requirements.

By implementing these simple and effective tips to improve your CV, the chances of going through to the next stage will improve significantly!

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