Hospitality Career Videos

Hospitality career videos

We’ve pulled together some great hospitality career videos to give you an exceptional insight into careers in the hospitality and catering sectors.

Catering Team Manager – Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG Crowne Plaza)

Boonta M is a Catering Team Leader for a restaurant and club at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Manchester Airport. She started working in the hotel industry in her home country of Thailand. Setting up and running the Sampans restaurant at the hotel has been the highlight of her career so far. But in the future she plans to go back to Thailand to set up an English school.

Executive Head Housekeeper – Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG Crowne Plaza)

Lawrence R is Executive Head Housekeeper for Intercontinental Hotel Group. He is a qualified accountant, but he is far too energetic to enjoy sitting behind a desk. He was inspired by a family friend who was in charge of the housekeeping on a cruise ship. He explained it kept him feeling young fit and happy. Lawrence followed his example and now has a job he really enjoys.

Operations Manager – Dakota Hotels

Bruce R is the Operations Manager for Dakota Hotels. He is responsible for the guest experience and the construction and design of new hotels. All managers report to him. He combines his engineering degree with a love of the hotel industry.

Sous Chef – Intercontinental Hotels

Craig B is a Sous Chef for Intercontinental Hotel Group. There is a family tradition of becoming a pastry chef, and he left school to do that, but his employer persuaded him to train as a “full chef doing everything.”

Catering Manager – East Belfast Mission

Graeme Y is catering manager for East Belfast Mission cafe. He say “(we) Send forty hot meals into the community every day, and then we would have anything from sixty to a hundred people per day, that’s for breakfast, lunch and in the snack bar as well. It’s hard work, you need to put a lot of effort into it… you need to stick at it, you need to do your qualifications so you know what you’re doing”.

Sous Chef – Baxter Storey

Being the youngest of 15 children, Steve found that he was always quite shy. He wanted to be either a footballer or a chef “‘cos I came from a large family, and I was never allowed in the kitchen, so I was always curious how food was delivered on a plate. He decribes having children as a massive turning point for him and says “In any trade you go to you get knocked back, you make mistakes, but I believe the best way to correct your mistakes is to learn from them”.

Company Executive Chef – BaxterStorey

Rick Razza is a Company Executive Chef for contract caterers Baxter Storey. He didn’t like school and quickly got a job running the front of house in the family restaurant after finishing his O levels. Rick found that he spent more time in the kitchen and so went on to catering college and back into the family business as a chef. It was a hard decision for him to leave the restaurant, but he now enjoys his job with Baxter Storey very much.

Group Catering Manager – Baxter Storey

Siobhan J, Group Manager, manages the BaxterStorey site at Deutsche Bank in London. She moved from a small town in the Lake District to London after gaining a degree in home economics and has worked in management for several large companies before joining BaxterStorey.