Increase Customer Engagement with your Restaurant

Image result for digital menus for restaurantsCustomers love using technology, so use it to help them bond with the venue. Through customer engagement restaurants can constantly develop richer relationships with diners through capturing customer data.

All restaurants have menus, a long-standing and critically important customer interaction touch point.  There’s a lot of time and money spent on the design, layout and printing of menus.

There are also restrictions that arise out of paper menus primarily they are expensive and slow to change, which limits your agility as a restaurant to respond to change.

A great many restaurants see digital menus as a threat to their face time with customers.  Which means they don’t consider digital as ‘face time’ nor as ‘part of the experience’ which could be a costly error when dealing with the fast growing digitally savvy customer segment.

A digital menu makes things much less expensive to change and change can be implemented simply and quickly.

A few things restaurants can do digitally to – speed up service – increase average table value – increase customer satisfaction:

  • Order capture direct from diner to kitchen
  • Payment and tipping direct by the customer when they are ready (not when the waiter eventually is free)
  • Call a waiter to resolve a problem
  • Capture customer feedback while they are still in venue
  • Alert management to customer issues while they are still in venue
  • Take orders when there are no staff available (early shift, late shift, peak hours overstretched)
  • Take payment and help free up tables faster during peak hours
  • Capture customer contact details and food preferences
  • Identify menu item popularity and issues (e.g. what gets browsed a lot but not ordered)
  • Visual food sales – photos and videos help diners decide
  • Allergy and calorie assistance – filter choices by diners needs – allergens, calorie counts, food types
  • Capture customer special needs
  • Upsell suggestions both pre-programmed and popularity based (80% of people who bought this steak also bought the Barolo)
  • Menu layout impact analysis – easily test different layouts to assess sales impact

For more information why not visit the H&C EXPO. Busy hospitality and catering outlets need to look at Self-Book, Self-Order and Self-Pay systems using a range of Kiosks, Tablets and Apps that capture data.

H&C EXPO is a three-day event taking place at the Celtic Manor 16-18 July 2018