Interviewing a Hospitality Manager ?

Questions To Ask The Candidates For The Role Of Hospitality Manager

When your business wants to hire a hospitality manager, you want to make sure that you select the right candidate. After all, you want a candidate who has strong communication skills, motivates your employees, is a leader, and has exceptional customer service.

First, you need to identify the type of hospitality manager you want, before conducting an interview. For instance, are you looking for someone who will stay inside the office and handle all the paperwork? Do you want a hospitality manager who can oversee your business operations? Here are five questions you can ask the candidates to find out who has the skills to handle the role of hospitality manager:

How would you define your style of management?

One question you should ask every candidate is about their style of management, as it allows you to gauge if they will fit into your business or not. A lot of candidates will tell you that they are persuasive, consultative, or progressive, as they get these words from various management leaders. However, you want a hospitality manager who can adapt to the situation, as there isn’t one style which suits all circumstances.

Tell me things which are not present in your CV

As this question is open-ended, you get to test the critical thinking capability of the candidate. Try to collect clues which indicate the personality of the candidate and their motivation as a hospitality professional. By asking this question, you get a proper idea about the candidate’s work ethic, along with how he/she perceives himself/herself in the hospitality industry.

The response from the candidate should be confident and positive, minus exaggeration of their efforts. If the candidate gives you an answer present in the CV, it indicates that he/she doesn’t have great critical thinking capability.

How did you handle a difficult guest?

As your business needs to provide great customer service to thrive in the industry, it is vital that the hospitality manager has the skills to handle difficult guests. It is quite common for unhappy guests to tell your employees that they want to speak with the manager to resolve things as soon as possible. With this question, you can assess the maturity, communication skills, and work ethic. The response should always be positive, as negative remarks won’t go well with your customers.

Why do you want to work with our business?

One of the best ways to identify if the candidate will do well with your business is to find out their motivation to work with your company. The candidate should have done his/her research about your business. Also, he/she should talk about which values of your business resonates with him/her deeply. The above question gives you a complete idea of how the candidate can translate what he/she read on your website into a purpose which works for your company. If a candidate gives you an unenthusiastic or weak response, it indicates that he/she isn’t too keen in working in your company.

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