LinkedIn Profiles for Hospitality workers

We know it has been trying times, possibly some uncertainty still to come in the upcoming months for some people. But if you are looking for a new position, whatever the scenario you currently find yourself in, here are some tips and thoughts to consider for your Linkedin profile.

Hopefully, this will help you attract Hospitality Recruiters like myself or direct engagement from Hiring managers who have vacancies within their business. These tips should take you no more than half an hour to go through. Having an updated and complete profile can be invaluable.

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In this area of your profile, use it as an initial statement. This area can be great for that. “Hello, I’m over here look at my profile”.

When people search or see your profile picture, underneath will be this statement. When recruiters or hiring managers search, they will see a list of prospective candidates or people, and yours will stand out.

As a Recruiter, for instance, I could use what’s called Boolean search, which is a technique, using a string of keywords. A result based on that search would pop up with the most relevant profiles for the keywords that I have used.

Keyword Search Examples: “HeadChef” “Cornwall” “2Rosette” “Michelin.”

For example, on your profile, you could write.

“Cornwall based 2 Rosette Head chef seeking a new role or opportunity.”

By using commonly used keywords in your profile headline, you are more likely to appear in the list of search results.

Profile Summary 

In this area, you could write a summary stating your current situation. As you would possibly have at the top of your CV. Keep positive!

For example: “I am currently looking for new opportunities based in Cornwall. I am a 3 Rosette experienced Head chef. Fifteen years in the industry. I built my career in London previously as a sous chef at Adam Handlings’s the Frog and chef de partie at Gordon Ramsay. I enjoy a relaxed style of food plating, where the ingredients are field to fork, and the flavour and product speak for themselves. ”

Here below are some great tips from Aja Frost if you need some ideas to get going or structure.

5 Templates That’ll Make Writing the Perfect LinkedIn Summary a Total Breeze


Recommend people and get endorsed!LinkedIn endorsements + SML Thank You!” $LNKD #ux #opinio… | Flickr

Don’t forget to endorse by clicking peoples skills on their profiles; hopefully, they will return the favour. Eventually, you will have a list of skills that people will have endorsed you for, and your top skills will be visible and ranked the highest. So it is essential people support you for the right skills. Ask for recommendations from colleagues and line managers. A short statement can be useful to help solidify that you’re a good worker, team player and an excellent colleague, furthermore serving as a small reference that you worked there and with this person.

Stay visible, engage, make comments.

Once you have done all of this, all you need to do is to share exciting hospitality news with your connections. Perhaps write a comment along with it, to get the conversation going. Comment on posts of business you follow, and contacts, message recruiters or business in the area directly.

Do a little searching of your own. Connect with colleagues, old and new. Don’t forget to click their skill endorsements.

When you have found your new post, don’t forget to update your profile to reflect this.

If I can help or if you have some feedback from your experience. I would greatly appreciate it and love to hear about it.

If you are looking for a new position in the hospitality industry or need a hand in your recruitment process. Please reach us

[email protected]   or contact page. 

Thank you for reading and good luck in your job search.