Meet Our friend JP Baudey of Faydit Photography

When I decided to start Purple Carrot Recruitment, one of the most important things for a business is to get noticed. That being having a good website, accessible and memorable with content and high-quality pictures that would reflect me and my vision. After being followers on social media for some period, there was one man I felt I could count on for the job. So I contacted JP And asked for some pictures that he had already taken, and we would work together on some future ideas for my website and media. Being an ex-chef, I feel JP captures things raw and edgy, and most pictures tell a story. A chef doing food pictures as would an ex-chef like myself doing hospitality recruitment. We both know the product.

Originally from the South West of France, he is now is settled in the South West of England. JP trained as a chef at the prestigious Catering School of Toulouse (LTH). After graduation, with qualifications in hand, began to travel throughout Europe. JP worked his way up in kitchens from trendy Tapas Bars to Five Star Hotels. “I spent all those years with a knife in one hand and a camera in the other! Chef and photographer have been the two main occupations for exploring my epicurean curiosity, and that duality of approaches has greatly influenced each other. Photography brought me much more aesthetic rigor and attention to detail in my cooking, while my deep knowledge of the food industry provided my photography with an invaluable understanding of the variety of complex, technical needs, both culinary and visual, that my clients would require”.

I managed to get ahold of this very busy man and asked a few questions.

Do you eat out often? do you have any favorite restaurants? 

Not really, Must be my French side. I like cooking at home and entertaining my friends, its more convivial and as they are all working in catering, its even more fun.

Living in Taunton my favorite places to go to eat is Augustus (Richard Guest and Cedric Chirroussel  do magic there) 

Do you have a favorite cookbook? 

My favorite book is not really a cookbook, as there are no recipes inside but definitely my Bible  MC Gee on Food and Cooking


Ketchup or hp: ? 

Neither !!  ha ha. I love a fresh garlic mayonnaise or green Tabasco, that one is my dilemma

What sort of clients do you have and where do your photos appear?

Being a food photographer they range from producers to chefs within anybody between who are dealing with food and required some images.

It can be products, dishes, action shot, event, portrait or Interiors or anything revolving around the food industry.

My clients usually use my photos for their websites,  including social media, advertising,  magazines editorials or books, any visual media in fact.


Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

There is always 2 sides to the coin so unfortunately or I prefer to think, fortunately by now, my photography doesn’t leave me many. Covering from Cornwall up to Birmingham and Wales to London, I m spending a lot of time traveling and meeting people for organizing and shooting. But when I  have a spare afternoon, I go on a shopping spree for props, I am a total hoarder when it comes to them.

Tip for chefs using their phones for photography?

Forget the flash, take the plate to be photographed and go away from the pass > go to the restaurant or where ever is nice, next to a window (no sunshine).    Window on one side, have someone stand on the other side opposite to fill the shadow. That should do the business

Future plans?
Keep Calm and Carry on doing what I love.

If you would like to contact JP regarding his work, click the pictures in this article to be taken to his social networks.

Thanks for reading!