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Work Experience

There is nothing like starting out in a career starting from the bottom and learning the ropes from the ground up. Thus building a solid foundation for your chosen position or positions within Hospitality. For instance, many chefs have started out being the Dishwasher, and then progressing through the chef ranks from commis chef. if you have the passion and drive you can build solid skills within the right environment and your attitude towards it. Out front say in a hotel or restaurant. If you love talking and assisting people needs, then you could start as a server in a restaurant or maybe a jr receptionist. If you’re in a large hotel, then there would be many years of new skills to enhance your career. Many top general managers at the top of their game have worked up from these positions and solidified their successful careers.


Apprenticeships can be also a way of gaining both Academic and on the job training.  Many company’s and businesses take on apprentices to join their workforce to sustain the business but also the industry. An apprenticeship requires you to do 4-5 days of on the job work (paid) and then a day a local college that offers the classroom part of fulfilling the apprenticeship. you would start on your level 1 and 2 NVQ and then progress to 3 and possibly 4 depending on what you were studying.


Catering and Hospitality post-education.

Before doing an apprenticeship or diving straight into the industry. If it is possible, studying within a local college can be a great foundation and in my personal experience gave me a great start.

When you go to a college, you are able to concentrate to the learning at hand and learn it properly, then once you understand that, when you go out into the industry you will see that there are many ways to get to the final product. Once finished and you have graduated there are many industry contacts with colleges so you may be able to jump into a position when you have finished.

Hit Training, Bristol City College, Weston College     



Yes, the military !  They need food and people to help

Not only will you learn a hospitality skils, you will also ad a whole host of other skils that will test your mind and body.

For instance,  The Royal airforce. 

Various sectors

Hospitals, Camps, seasonal Positions, office catering, Schools, Cafes, Caterers, Tourist attractions,  Hotels, Restaurants, Care Homes, Pubs and Clubs to name a few.



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