Top 5 Podcasts Hospitality Professionals Need To Listen

One way of developing a knowledge base and learning about the issues that affect an industry is through podcasts. Podcasts are audio programs distributed on the internet usually involving lectures and discussions. The easiest way to listen to podcasts is to stream them on a smartphone. Since podcasts  are ubiquitous and can be listened to while on-the-go they are handy. Using a podcast app, one can subscribe to a show which updates itself with the latest episode as it is released. Listening to podcasts about your chosen industry is a great way to stay updated about latest developments and learn the views of other professionals.

Here are 5 podcasts recommended for professionals in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality One2One: Conversations on the Industry

In this podcast, recruiter Chris Bennis chats with passionate professionals from the hospitality industry who share their experiences and insights about a wide variety of topics such as changing technology and its impact, diversity in industry hiring, attracting millennial candidates, efforts being made to reduce hospitality turnover, successful bar and restaurant concepts and what qualities hospitality professionals should have. The podcast though targeted towards hoteliers is equally valuable for new and potential recruits in the industry.

All in the Industry with Shari Bayer

This podcast, hosted by PR professional Shari Bayer, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the hospitality industry with a focus on restaurant owners as well as all the tastemakers and influencers who are crucial to crafting the perception of an establishment.  Guests have included Emily Takoudes of Phaidon, The New York Times’ wine critic Eric Asimov and restaurateur Chef John DeLucie. Shari keeps things exciting by doing a round-up of industry news, a restaurant review and a speed round where she quizzes her guests. “All in the Industry” comes highly recommended for being entertaining as well as informative.

The Line

Chef Eli Sussman is known for his inventive spin on street food and taking chances in the hospitality industry. In his podcast The Line, Chef Sussman sits with a chef or restaurateur that he admires and goes down memory lane to their first time cooking, first jobs and all the choices they made that led them into the hospitality business. Listen to it for some relatable and inspirational content as well as wisdom from risk takers.

The Mixology Talk Podcast

“Mixology Talk”is a podcast dedicated to discussion of how to make the bartending experience better and how to make a career behind the bar. The show is co-hosted by Chris Tunstall who has more than a decade of bartending experience and Julia Tunstall, who writes about spirits professionally. The two discuss strategies, tips and tricks to make the bar fun for the guests and profitable for the server. They also feature interviews with hospitality professionals. This podcast is the one to listen to it if you want to understand the fun and professional side of the bartending business.

Lodging Leaders with Jon Albano

If your interest lies in hospitality management then “Lodging Leaders”needs to be in your podcast feed. Each podcast is a session covering a management topic thoroughly. Topics range from real estate to making fans out of customers. The conversational style of the podcast format makes heavy concepts easier to understand and can be beneficial for those looking to increase their knowledge base for interviews or strategies at their current job.